ActonHaigh Lighting have been working with Duralamp SpA, a Targetti Company based in Florence, Italy to help realign the ActonHaigh company strategy to reconnect with lamp supplies, lighting design and supply chain management of lighting products.

With over 30 years’ experience in innovative energy efficient lamp technology, DuraLamp SpA incorporates the latest in solid state technology and research in a versatile line of energy efficient decorative lamps and Architectural Linear LED Luminaires. They offer a versatile line of decorative and specialty lamps in multiple sources and sizes, as well as full line of architectural lighting solutions ideal for accent, task and general indoor and outdoor lighting applications.

To serve the needs of the UK architectural lighting community, DuraLamp SpA has established a dedicated presence in partnership with ActonHaigh Lighting with the formation of LAMP UK, a division of ActonHaigh Lighting. DuraLamp’s worldwide expertise in lamp development and technology combined with more than 30years experience delivers the utmost quality in workmanship and consistency in both colour and rendition in all of our illumination solutions delivering the best colour consistency, rendition and quality with old world experience and new world technology. 

Duralamp products all now available in the UK through ActonHaigh Lighting and soon to be available via an end to end online order and e-fulfilment service for your lighting requirements.

The collaboration of ActonHaigh Lighting with Duralamp has led to early joint venture lighting design and supply opportunities with McDonald's and NEXT.

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