R u r a l brings together our heritage industry Lighting with Agriculture

Our experience in the world of lighting design and technology brought together LED technology with our interest in agriculture and growing techniques.

Lighting represents a major expense for businesses of all types, and replacing existing lighting with more efficient technologies is an expensive undertaking. However, given the energy savings, LEDs can, depending on the manufacturer, operate using only 25% of the power of high-pressure sodium lamps. Energy savings can be even more dramatic for greenhouses, where the lighting is on for extended periods during the winter. Moreover, LEDs avoid a key additional cost associated with key applications of sodium lamps in greenhouses: the need to shift heat away from sodium lamps, which can otherwise scorch delicate crops such as tomatoes.

The use of LEDs in agriculture is limited, but research dates back more than 20 years. However, only recently has LED technology matured to the extent that it can replace traditional forms of lighting and the combination of our 30 year heritage in lighting with our investment in agriculture, is a winning formulae.

For further information on LED lighting in agriculture please contact ActonHaigh L i g h t i n g on telephone +44 (0) 1785 811222 or email your question to enquiries@actonhaigh.com

ActonHaigh investment in agriculture; Shirley Hall Farm was previously called Shirley Manor or Shirley Hall and was the ancient home of the Shirley family (who took their name from the village) between 1154 and the late 15th century. The current farmhouse was built in the 16th century but was much altered over the years and had new facades and roofs added in the 19th century. However there was an earlier medieval hall here and it may well have been the site of a Saxon farmstead. In the grounds there are the remains of a medieval moat. The village of Shirley is about 10 miles NW of Derby and 4 miles SSE of Ashbourne and dates from Saxon Times and the Shirley Hall Farm sits in the valley overlooked by ActonHaigh's Headquarters.

In more recent times, Shirley Hall Farm became the home of the Goodall family, who were tenants and later owners of the farm for about 450 years. The farm is now a mixed farm - raising cattle (for beef), sheep and harvesting arable crops whilst being committed to ‘Nature Friendly Farming’ and members of Conservation Grade”.

For further information please contact ActonHaigh on telephone +44 (0) 1785 811222 or email your question to enquiries@actonhaigh.com


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